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Discover Your Colours

In this article, you’ll learn how to discover your colours so that you look and feel fabulous every day.

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to transform your look and feel your best in 2018? A great place to start is to wear colours that suit you best.

Have you noticed that every time you wear a particular piece of clothing people compliment you on how beautiful you look or how well you look? These compliments give you a lift, don’t they? You feel your self-confidence surge and it puts you in a great mood.

Wouldn’t you love to feel that way all the time?

What is it about that garment that attracts these compliments? It could be that the colour is working for you. Dressing in colours that compliment your skin, hair and eye tones creates a naturally harmonious look. People respond positively to this harmony at a subconscious level and it helps to shape their impressions of you in a positive way both socially and professionally.

So how do you know which colours suit you best? Here are 3 simple questions you can ask yourself that will help guide you to discover your colours. They are some of the questions I use when determining a client’s colour palette during a personal colour analysis consultation. They will help you put an end to buying and wearing colours that are unflattering on you. Say “good-bye” to the days of spending money on clothes you never or hardly ever wear and living with the ‘I have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear’ syndrome.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this colour overwhelm me? Do I see the colour rather than me? Colours that suit you best will blend with your complexion, and give you a natural glow.


  • Does the colour make my skin look ruddy, yellow or pale? Look at how the colour affects your skin. If you look unwell or the lines on your face look deeper or the bags under your eyes look darker, best leave it.


  • Does the colour enhance my eyes? If it’s ‘right’ your eyes will sparkle. If it’s ‘wrong’ they’ll look dull.


 For most people colour perception is a learned skill. You can learn it too by using the questions. The more you practice the better you get.

If you find it difficult to see how different colours affect your skin tone, an easy way to find out your best colours is to have a personal colour analysis done by a professional colour consultant. The consultant is a colour expert and will be able to determine, with a technique called draping, which hues suit you.

Image Confidence offers individual and group Personal Colour Consultations.

In 2018 we will be running ‘Colour Your Life’ workshops. These 3 hour, small group (max. 6) personal colour analysis workshops are specifically designed to help you discover your colours and how to successfully combine them. You’ll receive a complimentary colour swatch of your colours and a detailed information booklet to take home. Use your colour swatch, (a purse size ‘fan-deck’ of your best colours), to determine if the clothes, accessories, glasses, jewellery, make up and your hair colour are right for you. Having a personal colour analysis is an investment in you!

Scheduled dates:

Monday 5th February

Saturday 24th February

Thursday 19th April

Thursday 17th May

Workshops are held in Leichhardt, Sydney – 10am to 1pm.

Morning refreshments included.

Investment: $230.49

Places are limited. Tickets available at Eventbrite or click on the dates above to BOOK NOW.

P.S. If you have a group of friends or work colleagues who would like to experience this fun and transformative workshop contact ann@imageconfidence.com.au to organise a private event.

Make 2018 your year! Improve your image by discovering your best colours. Look amazing and feel fantastic every day.


Discover Your Colours using colour swatches

Discover Your Colours: Use your swatch as a colour guide when shopping for clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, make up and when choosing your hair colour.






Jan 10, 2018

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