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Wardrobe Audit

An image of a tidy wardrobe after a wardrobe edit. There is also a quote by Edith Head. It reads, "Building a wardrobe is like building a home...because it's something you're going to live in. It must be comfortable and suit your needs."

When you have a wardrobe audit and mix-and-match session we will:

  1. declutter what’s no longer working for you
  2. re-energise your style by creating outfits from what you already have
  3. create a plan for what you need to shop for

So you feel excited and inspired about your clothes, shoes and accessories and how you wear them. We’ll refresh your image using clothes you already own.

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? It will come as no surprise that most people only use about 20% of their clothes, shoes, and accessories 80% of the time. If you’ve lost sight of what you have and how to make it work, this is a perfect session for you. Let me take the stress, frustration, confusion and doubt away. And in its place, bring back clarity, joy, and confidence.

The benefits of a Wardrobe Audit are many:

  • Perfect for when you experience a career or lifestyle change
  • Wear clothes that reflect who you are right now and that support your future goals
  • Feel more confident about your appearance
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Identify items you no longer need
  • Create new outfits with clothes you already own
  • Save time working out what to wear every day
  • Find great outfit options with fewer clothes
  • Know you have clothes for every occasion
  • Make more space in your wardrobe
  • Eliminate stress and confusion
  • Enjoy an organised wardrobe
  • Create a look that is modern and current.
  • Do something nurturing and empowering for yourself
  • Develop a list of items you need
  • Save money through focused shopping

What others are saying:

“I had a delightful time working through my wardrobe with Ann – I’ve been guilty of wearing the same outfits on consistent repeat and now, with the subtlety of a necklace or bracelet, or shoes, or top with skirt, I feel re-enthused about my wardrobe. And all without buying a thing. She provided simple and gentle advice about what suits my shape, and WHY, which in turn allowed me to recognise why there are items in my wardrobe that I love but never wear. The added bonus is that with Ann’s advice, many of these items can be easily modified to fit back in to my new repertoire.

Now when I do go shopping, I know what I’m looking out for.”
Maria A.

“It takes a brave woman to let someone into the inner sanctum that is their wardrobe but trust me it is worth it! I must confess my wardrobe wasn’t a happy place to be: crowded, disorganised and dysfunctional. I had so many clothes but nothing to wear and would buy outfits that I seldom wore. Ann came to my rescue. I had the basics but just needed to get my confidence back and reintroduce some colour and more jewellery into the mix. I have learnt that less is more, quality over quantity and planning is key. My wardrobe looks great, is functional and I can easily grab what I want. I went shopping the other day and I didn’t buy a thing – no more impulse buying. Ann is ultra professional, friendly and persuasive. Thanks so much for your help, I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Bron N.

What happens during your Wardrobe Audit session?

We’ll identify the clothes that complement your style preferences, complexion, body shape, proportions, lifestyle and personality.

Next, we’ll create new outfit combinations from ‘the keepers’. We can take photos for future reference so that you can use them as a source of inspiration. I’ll organise everything so that creating outfits is quick and easy.

Then, we’ll write a list of any items you need to create a fully functioning wardrobe. Your list is invaluable when shopping because it helps you to stay focused, saving you time and money. And, if the mere thought of shopping fills you with dread, I offer a Personal Shopping service to ease the stress and help you to stay on track.

Your Virtual Wardrobe Audit

If we’re unable to meet in person, a virtual wardrobing session is a perfect solution. End up with a wardrobe full of clothes you love that make you feel amazing!

Contact me at 0408 108 804, and I’ll take you through the easy steps.

“Whilst I had a wardrobe full of clothes I still I felt I had nothing to wear, so enlisted Ann’s help to make it more workable. She did a fantastic job eliminating the items that were the wrong colour, fit or style (including jewellery and accessories) and then helped me put together plenty of different looks from ‘the keepers’ as well as identifying the gaps. It was great to tackle the long-overdue task with someone and such a fun experience at the same time. Not only does she have a solid eye for style but is a delightful person, too. I highly recommend her services.”
Laura J.

Wardrobe Audit - Before
Wardrobe Audit - After
Wardrobe Audit - Before
Wardrobe Audit - After

Include a Personal Shopping Trip with your Wardrobe Audit to find the missing pieces you need to make your wardrobe complete.

Wardrobe Audit

Time Investment: 3 hours

Wardrobe Audit

Time Investment: 3 hours

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