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  • Kathryn P.

    I highly recommend Ann at Image Confidence whether you are looking for help with identifying your best colours, de-cluttering/auditing your wardrobe, or going on a personal shopping trip for new items guaranteed to gain you complements. I have used Ann for all of these services and was extremely impressed - not only with her natural eye for style, but friendly and personable approach.
  • Heather K.

    Ann and I finalised my online colour consultation via Zoom today, I'm so happy with my colour swatches and understand now why I've previously been drawn to some of those colours. I have some new ideas to help me to choose outfits, rather than wasting money on clothes I just don't end up wearing. Thanks, Ann for guiding me through the selfie process and for helping me out with a lip colour - I always found that hard! I would absolutely recommend Ann if you are looking to have your colours done and doing this via email and Zoom worked well for me.
  • Zina B.

    A friend of mine recommended Ann to me and I'm so glad she did! Ann was professional, friendly and really helpful…simply amazing! I found the colour analysis consultation and personal shopping particularly useful and am thrilled with my new wardrobe! I never thought I could actually enjoy shopping, but Ann made it so easy and effortless for me. Can’t recommend her highly enough!
  • Louise M.

    "I was so pleased with my consultation with Ann - she got it exactly right with me.  I was hoping to get out of my comfort zone and explore new looks and colours and Ann was spot on with all her suggestions.  She is a true professional who really knows her stuff and I am thrilled with the outcome."
  • Nicole K.

    I had the most enjoyable time with Ann. What an amazing experience. I ran straight home and went through my wardrobe and WOW! I wish I took a before and after picture. It has only been 3 days and I have had compliments on my clothes (appearance) already! Ann is so professional and personable and an expert in her field. A beautiful lady. 5 stars!! Highly recommend!!
  • Rob H.

    Session 1: Colour analysis consultation and shopping for a new pair of specs. Prior to doing this I was winging it with my colour with some combinations working and others not so good. And my glasses were a bit boring and functional. Ann was great! She really opened up my eyes about colour combinations and my colour "palette" that I would never have thought of. She took me to a terrific optometrist to get new frames. The new frames matched up with my colours and I love them - not the usual boring frame styles - similar, but with a cool twist. That's the knowledge you pay for and you get Ann's opinion on whether the frames work or not which is really valuable. I recommend to other guys not to wing it with colours - go for the colour analysis consult- it's really valuable. Session 2: Wardrobe audit and targeted shopping. Having done the colour analysis the next step was to go through the wardrobe and get some decent threads. I did a pre-audit chuck out and I thought it'd be easy from that point. Once Ann got into the wardrobe we started to see 1) most of my clothes were too baggy; and 2) the colours were mostly pretty bad, making me look washed out. However, a few of my clothes (shirts and jacket) got the tick of approval and Ann showed me the best way to wear these pieces. Anyway, I could see I made a lot of expensive mistakes with clothes. Then off to the shops - not my favourite activity - and I just left it all in Ann's capable hands. I wasn't disappointed. Ann has a keen eye for colour, fashion and fit. She picked out clothes and shoes I would never have had the confidence to try on. It was a real eye-opener. We managed in a few hours to re-stock my wardrobe reasonably inexpensively. I was very happy to have clothes that 1) actually fit me, 2) align with my colour palette, and 3) can be easily mixed and matched. I now have a really good wardrobe that I can now maintain, rather than starting from scratch again and again after making bad choices. The whole process was extremely worthwhile and I owe Ann many thanks for opening up a world of colour to me!
  • Anna S.

    Central Coast, NSW
    Hi Ann, Thank you for your professionalism and time on Saturday. What an interesting colour consultation! No doubt you noticed I tried to grasp all the concepts as time flew by! Armed with your colour swatch, I started tackling my wardrobe today. It’s a relief to see the growing pile of items are making their exit - items that will better serve someone else. Thankfully, I note I already dress in line with some of your recommendations. Colour consultation should be part of every woman’s toolbox. We have to get dressed every day - why not look and feel better while we’re at it? (Saving time and money is just a bonus.) Your accompanying booklet is also very informative and a great resource. Who would’ve thought there is so much to learn regarding colour in dressing? I’m sure we’ve merely covered the basics and there is far more to learn. What a fascinating topic! I look forward to applying my newly acquired knowledge and plan to see you again for the personal style session. You must enjoy your job and empowering people. Here’s to changing lives - one wardrobe at a time!
  • Veronica

    I had been working from home for around two years and had completely lost touch with what clothes I liked, let alone what style or colour suited me. I was at a loss and shopping for clothes was no longer fun... that was until I met Ann from Image Confidence! I treated myself to a one on one colour and style consultation. I learned about the colours and style that suited me and my body shape. I learned how to use colour and style to accentuate things I like about my body shape and size. The consultation included a personalised colour reference chart that I can take shopping with me as well as a detailed style book covering everything from clothing to shoes, accessories and hairstyles. I also decided that to really give me the confidence to find ‘my style’ that a shopping trip with Ann would be perfect. I met Ann in the city after she had already done a pre shop. I was able to quite literally step into the fitting room and try on dozens of items all of which were ‘my colours and styles’.  It let me quickly identify real examples of the types of clothes and shoes we had discussed during the colour and style consult. I left the shopping trip with new jeans, tops and shoes (4 pairs... minor detail!!). I’d highly recommend Image Confidence to anyone that just needs to find a little bit of their own style and sass!! Thank you Ann for the entire experience...  
  • Kay G.

    I recently booked and thoroughly enjoyed a wardrobe audit and personal shopping trip with Ann Vodicka of Image Confidence.  Ann created an amazing array of business and leisure outfits from my existing clothes. She also created a shopping list of items that would make my wardrobe more versatile. When I met Ann for my shopping trip she had already sourced items and had them ready for me to try on. She identified suitable pieces to compliment my wardrobe, and with her gentle encouragement, she enabled me to see beyond my comfort zone and discover a new world, which I have embraced!  Ann is so kind, caring and professional.  Her commitment to her work is outstanding! I am so pleased I have had the opportunity to work closely with Ann and have her colour and style my world.  Forever grateful, Kay.  
  • Laura J.

    Northern Beaches, NSW
    With a second baby in tow and my maternity leave coming to an end, it was time to help me look beyond my ‘jeans and trainers uniform', so I enlisted Ann’s help to do a wardrobe audit session. We removed the pieces that needed to go then created over a dozen 'yummy mummy' looks for the daycare run and weekends out of the keepers - and a couple of corporate looks as well to give me both confidence and importantly, speed, when getting dressed in the mornings. It’s fun to shop in your own closet and with Ann’s expert help, learn how to mix and match different pieces together to create winning combinations. It really is amazing how much you already have when you feel you have nothing to wear. I highly recommend this service for any busy mums who could do with a wardrobe revival as you may be transitioning back to work.

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