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Travel Packing

This is travel packing made easy.

Do you struggle organising and deciding on the clothes, shoes and accessories you’ll take on your overseas or interstate trips? A professional travel packing session with Ann Vodicka eliminates the stress and confusion about how much and what items to take in your suitcase or in-cabin bag. It will give you more time to complete the other ‘must do’ tasks before you leave.

I’m a seasoned traveller! In fact, I led a jet-setting lifestyle for over 20 years and have a vast amount of experience packing for all occasions, seasons and lifestyles.

Carrying pieces of clothing that coordinate together gives you a wide range of outfit choices and means you pack less.

The bonuses are many:

  • Less confusion and energy spent digging through your suitcase.
  • A lighter bag.
  • Knowing you will have appropriate clothes for all occasions and all climates.
  • Stylish, co-ordinated dressing.
  • More room for the ‘goodies’ you’ll buy while you’re away.
  • Eliminates the ‘I had to sit on the suitcase to zip it up!’ scenario.

“Hi Ann,
Thank you so much for your wonderful help with my holiday travel packing! There is a real art to it which you have nailed! -:) I even have room for my shopping! I’m feeling a lot more confident now stepping out in different climes and countries. Thanks again, Christine X”
Christine, Forest Lodge

Travel Packing

Light, stylish travel packing so that enjoying the trip is your primary focus.

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