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Personal Styling Tips 101


“I think what you wear really does need to reflect what your own personal style is.”

Rachel Zoe

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how confident you are or what stage you’re at in your life, there simply is an undeniable truth that First Impressions Count!

Whether you’re meeting people for the first time or seeing them frequently or infrequently the way you present yourself impacts on your self-esteem, the level of confidence you portray and how others perceive you.

We want to feel confident in ourselves and in our appearance every day, but there are times in our lives where this can be especially important to us.

Are you about to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding or a significant birthday? We all want to feel fabulous and look our best at these events. These days are about celebrating with people you love, family and friends. The last thing you want on your mind is the nagging thought that you don’t look your best. After all, your memories, feelings, and the photos of the event will be around for years to come.

What about the business world? It’s all about connections, your personal brand, interpersonal relationships and how you look. If you’re attending job interviews, aiming for a promotion or want to create an effective personal presence within an organisation ‘dressing for success’ is paramount. Knowing that your work clothes meet corporate dress standards will allow you to focus on your performance and achieving results.

Looking for love? Studies show that 70% of a person’s first impression of you is based simply on the way you look. So how can you improve your chances of meeting that someone special? Making the most of your personal attributes will help you get noticed in a positive way.

5 Personal Styling Tips which will help you feel confident both inside and out:

1. Wear colours that enhance your complexion, hair and eyes. You’ll look healthier and more vibrant.

2. Be true to your personal sense of style. It’s one of the ways you communicate to the world who you are. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself, everybody else is taken.”

3. Know your best physical assets and accentuate them. Keep the focus on your best features and others will see these before anything else.

4. Stock your wardrobe with items that fit you well, are versatile and that suit your lifestyle and personality. Only keep garments and accessories that are serving who you are right now. Let the rest go.

5. Keep it current. This means adding one or two new pieces every so often. Your wardrobe will love you- there’ll always be enough room, your wallet will love you- hallelujah to a healthy bank balance, and your mind will love you- reduce the time and thought process when putting an outfit together.

Integrating these style tips into your life can initially take time and effort to achieve. Focus on one at a time as you work towards developing your personal style and enhancing your success.

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Dec 03, 2016
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