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Personal Styling creates a Lifetime of Transformation

A personal styling session can transform your life.

Identifying and creating your own personal style can seem like a daunting task.

Figuring out what to wear, what colours suit you, and how to dress for your body shape can be a daily challenge. How much time have you lost standing in front of your wardrobe uninspired and overwhelmed by what’s inside? What about the clothes that are never or rarely worn cluttering your space leading to frustration, confusion and lowered self-esteem?

What’s the reality?

  • There are better ways to view the contents of your wardrobe
  • You can save time in your wardrobe and still look stylish
  • There are simple ways to boost your self-confidence
  • You can save money by purchasing only those clothes that suit you and only buy the clothes you need

The benefits of investing in you and your appearance are many. Feeling confident about your appearance is invaluable and affects every area of your life.

Personal Styling Discovery Session

Ruby had been through some major transitions in her life and needed a fresh start. Her clothes suited her life before the transition but were not in alignment with where her life was now. We sat down together, looked at options and identified areas for change is that her wardrobe supported her new life.

Once I understood Ruby’s needs and the outcomes she wanted to achieve we worked through her wardrobe. We kept clothes, shoes and accessories that were appropriate for her new career and current body proportions. Outfits were created and photos were taken so that she could refer to them later. And, we wrote a shopping list of items that would help make her wardrobe more versatile.

Ruby looked like a new woman by the time we’d finished. She’d been very open to new ideas, and she commented on how much she enjoyed creating outfits from clothes she already owned.

Auditing her wardrobe alone had seemed such an overwhelming task. Together we’d made the process easy and fun. Her worries about how to dress for her new life were gone. Having photos of outfits on her phone would take the stress out of what to wear to her new job and social events. Most importantly, Ruby said our session together had given her a boost of self-confidence that she had lost years ago.

So how do you choose the right image consultant for you? It’s such a big step to entrust your new look to someone else, so you need to ensure you find someone who resonates with you.

Here are my 3 top tips on choosing an image consultant that’s a good fit for you:

  • Select someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about their work and helping others
  • Ensure they are listening to you, understand your individual needs and are open to your input.
  • Check their credentials. Ensure your consultant has an in-depth knowledge of colour and style. Remember, they need to be able to translate their knowledge into your personal style – a style that feels authentic to you and suits your lifestyle.

Transform your life and start your journey to Image Confidence here.

Dec 06, 2016
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