Hi, I'd love to give you fresh style tips!


Where will the sessions be held?

We can come to you, or you can see us in Leichhardt, NSW.  We also offer online interstate and overseas consultations.

Can I talk to you before booking a session?

Yes, I offer a fifteen-minute complimentary phone call so you can give me some background and I can get a better understanding of where you’re at. I’ll also be able to answer any questions you have.

Why would I need a colour consultation?

You want to look healthy and vibrant with minimal fuss and effort. Wearing colours that flatter your skin tone, hair, and eyes will help you achieve this. You’ll save time and money and make excellent, informed buying decisions. Choosing your best colours is easy with your personalised colour palette. Wearing your best colours boosts self-confidence.

What benefits would I get from decluttering my wardrobe?

If you have a bulging wardrobe with nothing to wear or tend to wear only about 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time, this experience is for you. During your wardrobe audit we will:

  1. declutter what’s no longer working for you
  2. re-energise your style by creating outfits from what you already have (We photograph these outfits so you can use them as a source of inspiration on the days you’re in a hurry or don’t have the headspace to create an outfit from scratch.)
  3. create a plan for what you need to shop for

You’ll feel lighter and love everything in your wardrobe. Getting dressed will be quick and easy because everything effortlessly mixes and matches.

How can dressing for my body shape help me?

There’s an overwhelming amount of clothing and accessory choices in stores and online. So what do you choose? Being educated about what suits your body shape and proportions will help you select items that flatter you whenever you shop for your wardrobe.

How do I choose the best colours for me?

Invest in a colour analysis consultation 🙂

During your colour session, we spend two hours together finding your perfect colour palette (the initial draping of colours) and then go into great detail about ways to wear your colours so they always look fabulous on you.

You will receive your personalised swatch of 50 colours – an excellent tool to use when shopping, and a detailed colour booklet (great for future reference if you want to refresh any of the valuable information shared during the consultation).

How do I pay?

We accept direct deposit and will provide details at the time of booking.

What are your terms and conditions?

Cancelling or rescheduling a session with less than one week’s notice will incur a 20% fee. Total session costs will be charged for ‘no show’ on the day.
A 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking. The balance is paid before the session starts.

I have an eclectic style. How would your services help me?

I take a holistic approach and focus on you, your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, your skin tone and your body shape to ensure each experience is tailored to your individual needs.

I had my colours done in the 80’s. I was told I was a ‘Spring’. What is different about your colour system and how would it benefit me?

The seasonal colour system consisted of only four colour groups: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. There are 18 colour groups in the system I use. This allows for the analysis to be very personalized. It takes into account whether you suit warm/cool, light/dark or bright/soft colours.

How often do I need to have a colour consultation?

Approximately every 10 to 15 years. As we age, our complexion tends to lighten and soften. This applies to men and women. It’s especially noticeable as our hair greys or whitens. Women also see changes in their colouring as they transition through menopause.

I’m interested in having my wardrobe audited but I am afraid I’ll be left with nothing to wear.

At Image Confidence, we take a pragmatic approach to editing wardrobes. We aim to make you look and feel your best using as many of the clothes and accessories you already own. This saves you money and reduces your footprint on the planet.

We consider colour, size, style, current lifestyle needs, and personality. Often we can save some pieces just with a little ‘tweaking,’ i.e. minor alterations. Other items can be resold or donated to one of your favourite charities. The aim is for you to feel confident about how you look every day.

I used to wear black all the time. Now when I put it on I look ‘washed out’ and feel like I need to change my look. Why do I feel like this and what can I do about it?

For those of us whose colouring lightens and softens as we age, black can be too strong a contrast with our hair and complexion. It can look harsh and draining. Using lighter neutrals such as grey, navy, brown, and khaki will be more flattering.

A colour consultation offers clear guidelines for which neutrals look best on you. During the session, you’ll receive a swatch of 50 colours to use as a guide when shopping for clothes and makeup.

I love to wear the latest fashion trends but the changes seem to be happening so fast! How do I keep up so I look modern and not break the bank?

Firstly, decide how much of your budget allows for clothes and accessories. Then, only invest in trends you love that work with your colour palette, suit your body shape and make you feel amazing. Buy one or two items – no more than that. You’ll be ‘on trend’ without breaking the bank.

As Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

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