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7 Style Tips to Make Your Bust Look Larger

If you have a small bust or would like to enhance the size of your bust, here are seven style tips.

Forget ridiculous suggestions like “wear two bras”, “sleep on your back”, or ‘tape your boobs”. Instead, all you need are some carefully selected clothes.

Use these 7 easy styling ideas to create the optical illusion of a fuller bust.

Choose tops with detail and interest over the bust area, e.g. logos and graphic patterns. If logos aren’t your thing, beading or ruffles will create the same effect. Small to medium prints worn on your top half will also enhance the area’s appearance.

Wear lighter, brighter-coloured tops. They will accentuate your upper body as well as draw attention to your face. If you’re unsure about your best colours, I’d love to help you find them with a Personal Colour Analysis.

Shiny fabrics have a reflective surface. Light bounces off the surface, making your bust appear more prominent.

Jewellery: Choose small-scale necklaces. The bonuses of this tip are twofold: a) your bust will appear fuller, and b) you’ll be adding an extra element to your outfit, which raises your ‘style game.’

Another way to make you bust look larger is to wear gathered or frill-fronted necklines. The extra fabric will add volume and make your bust appear fuller.

Three women wear tops that make their bust look bigger. One lady wears a top with frills over the bust area. Another woman wears a bright pink top with pin tucks. The third lady wears a red top with gathers at the neckline.

Find these tops here.

Textured or bulky fabrics worn over the bust make your boobs look larger. Also, the extra layer of material used for breast pockets on items such as blouses and denim jackets creates the optical illusion of more.

Lastly, high necklines maximise your bust and draw attention to your face. Boat, crew, turtleneck, and mock turtleneck are some options.

If you’d like to find out what really works for your body, so you stop wasting money on the wrong clothes and are more connected to your style, find out about the incredible value of having a Personal Style Consultation here.

Jan 26, 2023

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