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Personal Colour Analysis

Your Personal Colour Analysis Experience

Are you finding that the colours you have worn for years don’t  feel right anymore and look harsh against your skin?

Why is it that some colours seem to drain you while others make you appear vibrant and healthy?

A personal colour analysis will take the guesswork out of knowing which colours suit you best.


Imagine living your life

looking healthy and fabulous

feeling confident and happy

having fewer clothes in your wardrobe but having more choices because everything coordinates together

saving time (in the shops and getting dressed)

saving money (this time you’ll wear the items you buy)

Are you ready for a colour transformation?


Live Your Life in Colour

It’s always wonderful to receive flattering comments about your how well you look. Those types of comments make you feel fabulous and boost your confidence levels. Wearing the colours that enhance your skin, hair and eyes is one of the simplest and most effective ways to look and feel amazing every day, and to keep the compliments coming.

We can all appreciate the importance of positive first impressions. According to extensive communication research, 55% of other people’s perceptions of us are based on appearance and body language alone! After your personal colour analysis you will know which colours will make the greatest and most positive impact on the people you meet. It will have you looking your best and most vibrant contributing to enhancing relationships from the very beginning.

Spend a relaxing couple of hours focussed entirely upon you and what is going to make you shine.


Look your Best. Feel your Best.


Your unique eye, skin and hair colour combination forms the basis of your colour analysis.


I will help you will discover:

  • which colours work for you
  • your signature ‘wow’ colours – the colours that are exceptionally flattering on you
  • your best neutrals
  • how to combine your colours: mixing and matching them using your contrast levels
  • hair colour options
  • guidelines for your glasses and jewellery colours
  • how to wear colours that are not favourable
  • how to wear colour to flatter your figure
  • colour psychology
  • make-up that compliments your complexion


As part of this experience you will receive a complimentary colour swatch consisting of over 40 colours to use as a reference guide when shopping for clothes and accessories.

With your new found knowledge and colour swatch shopping trips will be so much easier and faster. Your swatches will help you choose colours that allow you to shine. This equates to cost savings, time savings, a coordinated wardrobe, increased self-esteem and an abundance of compliments!!


If you’d like to share a colour analysis experience with a group of friends, I offer a discount for groups between 3 and 6 people.

Personal Colour Analysis

Time Investment: 2 hours
Personal colour analysis investment: $375

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