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I had been working from home for around two years and had completely lost touch with what clothes I liked, let alone what style or colour suited me.

I was at a loss and shopping for clothes was no longer fun… that was until I met Ann from Image Confidence! I treated myself to a one on one colour and style consultation. I learned about the colours and style that suited me and my body shape. I learned how to use colour and style to accentuate things I like about my body shape and size.

The consultation included a personalised colour reference chart that I can take shopping with me as well as a detailed style book covering everything from clothing to shoes, accessories and hairstyles.

I also decided that to really give me the confidence to find ‘my style’ that a shopping trip with Ann would be perfect. I met Ann in the city after she had already done a pre shop. I was able to quite literally step into the fitting room and try on dozens of items all of which were ‘my colours and styles’.  It let me quickly identify real examples of the types of clothes and shoes we had discussed during the colour and style consult. I left the shopping trip with new jeans, tops and shoes (4 pairs… minor detail!!).

I’d highly recommend Image Confidence to anyone that just needs to find a little bit of their own style and sass!! Thank you Ann for the entire experience…


Mar 12, 2020
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