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Rob H.

Session 1: Colour analysis consultation and shopping for a new pair of specs. Prior to doing this I was winging it with my colour with some combinations working and others not so good. And my glasses were a bit boring and functional. Ann was great! She really opened up my eyes about colour combinations and my colour “palette” that I would never have thought of. She took me to a terrific optometrist to get new frames. The new frames matched up with my colours and I love them – not the usual boring frame styles – similar, but with a cool twist. That’s the knowledge you pay for and you get Ann’s opinion on whether the frames work or not which is really valuable. I recommend to other guys not to wing it with colours – go for the colour analysis consult- it’s really valuable.

Session 2: Wardrobe audit and targeted shopping. Having done the colour analysis the next step was to go through the wardrobe and get some decent threads. I did a pre-audit chuck out and I thought it’d be easy from that point. Once Ann got into the wardrobe we started to see 1) most of my clothes were too baggy; and 2) the colours were mostly pretty bad, making me look washed out. However, a few of my clothes (shirts and jacket) got the tick of approval and Ann showed me the best way to wear these pieces. Anyway, I could see I made a lot of expensive mistakes with clothes. Then off to the shops – not my favourite activity – and I just left it all in Ann’s capable hands. I wasn’t disappointed. Ann has a keen eye for colour, fashion and fit. She picked out clothes and shoes I would never have had the confidence to try on. It was a real eye-opener. We managed in a few hours to re-stock my wardrobe reasonably inexpensively. I was very happy to have clothes that 1) actually fit me, 2) align with my colour palette, and 3) can be easily mixed and matched. I now have a really good wardrobe that I can now maintain, rather than starting from scratch again and again after making bad choices. The whole process was extremely worthwhile and I owe Ann many thanks for opening up a world of colour to me!

Aug 04, 2020
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