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Several weeks ago, I mentioned to Ann Vodicka that I needed to buy some casual clothes for the summer. Now I am of a ‘larger’ build, I have always found it difficult to find clothes in which I feel comfortable and yet look stylish. I was talking with Ann Vodicka about this predicament and she suggested that I use her to resolve this issue.

We met in Sydney City Centre and it became very obvious to me that Ann had been doing some investigating prior to meeting me. The next three hours were a dream. Ann took me to a couple of stores that I never knew existed and the choice and quality of clothes in these shops were excellent!
There was one particular shop that I really enjoyed. Ann had already discussed with me the colours that I liked as well as introducing the idea of a couple of other colours. I never once felt ‘pushed’ or ‘influenced’ against my will.

We walked through one particular shop and I saw shirts, jackets, trousers, belts, ties and a host of other clothing items and accessories. My fear of ‘will they look ok when I put them on,’ soon disappeared. Ann deftly carried several items of clothing over her arm as we were browsing through this store. I finally went into the changing room and tried on clothes that I really liked and then some that I would never have thought would have suited me but guess what? They did!! Ann kept on bringing clothes and taking out the ones that I really liked. Before I knew it, I had a wardrobe that I was so proud of.

Ann made the difference for me and to be candidly honest, I received several compliments from family and friends. This was a ‘first’ for me. But I was blown away when at a concert the day after I went shopping with Ann, a complete stranger came up to me and complimented me on the outfit I was wearing, courtesy of Ann’s experience. Will I use Ann again? Of course I will!! Thank you Ann.

Dec 23, 2016
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