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Anna S.

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your professionalism and time on Saturday. What an interesting colour consultation! No doubt you noticed I tried to grasp all the concepts as time flew by!

Armed with your colour swatch, I started tackling my wardrobe today. It’s a relief to see the growing pile of items are making their exit – items that will better serve someone else. Thankfully, I note I already dress in line with some of your recommendations.

Colour consultation should be part of every woman’s toolbox. We have to get dressed every day – why not look and feel better while we’re at it? (Saving time and money is just a bonus.)

Your accompanying booklet is also very informative and a great resource. Who would’ve thought there is so much to learn regarding colour in dressing? I’m sure we’ve merely covered the basics and there is far more to learn. What a fascinating topic!

I look forward to applying my newly acquired knowledge and plan to see you again for the personal style session. You must enjoy your job and empowering people.

Here’s to changing lives – one wardrobe at a time!

Jun 25, 2020
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