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“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.”

– Marc Jacobs

Your personal brand and presentation affects how people respond and react to you. It impacts on your confidence levels and can have a huge impact on success and opportunity in areas such as career and finding a partner.

I’m a personal branding specialist and stylist who can help you update your image to create maximum impact. All of the packages below are flexible in accommodating your specific needs: be it for corporate styling, outfit advice for a special occasion, modernizing your look or creating your new personal style.

I offer a range of services to help make getting dressed and shopping for clothes quick, effortless and effective.

Personal Colour Analysis and Personal Shopper Experience

Discover the colours that will help you look your best, and feel confident that you are creating your best first impression every time. Afterwards we’ll spend a productive two hours buying the pieces you need and that you can feel confident wearing for years to come. I’ll provide you with a colour card or fandeck to use as a reference when buying clothes or accessories in the future.

Time Investment: 3.5 hours

Wardrobe Revival and Personal Shopper Experience

Let’s discover the best pieces you own right now. I’ll show you how to combine them into coordinated outfits that will help you look and feel more confident in all facets of your life. I can take photograghs of you in the outfits so that you can refer to them at a later date. We’ll work out what items you are missing and ‘focus’ shop for those.

Time Investment: 4 hours

Personal Colour Analysis and Dress For Your Body Shape Experience

Expand from black, white, navy and denim. Discover the colours that best suit your complexion and that boost your confidence. We’ll then cover the other half of the style equation: the shapes, proportions, patterns and textures which make selecting clothes and accessories easy. This will take the guesswork out of looking stylish for every occasion.

Time Investment: 3.5 hours

Personal Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Revival and Personal Shopper Experience

This really is a great starting point!
I’ll take you on a journey to discover the colours that will enhance your skin tone, hair and eyes. Wearing these colours will help you look your best on every occasion from the critical business meeting to a first date night. I offer a complimentary colour card or fandeck for future reference.
During the wardrobe revival I’ll help you create new outfit combinations from the clothes and accessories you already own. Your optimal colours, body shape, lifestyle and personality will all be taken into account.
The Personal Shopper experience will be scheduled for a separate day. We’ll spend a productive two hours buying garments that will ensure your wardrobe is functional, versatile, and stylish.

Time Investment: 5.5 hours over two sessions

Personal Colour Analysis, Dress For Your Body Shape, and Wardrobe Revival Experience

Discover the colours that make you look healthier and vibrant. Wearing your colours especially during life’s more important occasion including a crucial business meeting, your wedding day or first date night can help you feel more confident.

The style experience will explain the best ways to dress for your shape: garments and accessories that enhance and what to avoid. Knowing your best colours and styles will give you a sense of empowerment and will save you valuable time and effort.

Time Investment: 5.5 hours

The “Premium” Personal Branding Experience

Absolutely everything you need to create a strong personal brand and individual style. This experience includes colour and style consultations, a wardrobe revival session and two hour personal shopping trip.

Classy, classic and stylish dressing often leads to success in all areas of life. Wear the colours, clothes and accessories that enhance your natural assets and that are in keeping with your individual style.

Let’s refresh your look by creating outfits from the items you already own and then shop for extra pieces to enhance and ensure your wardrobe is truly versatile and stylish

Time Investment: 7.5 hours spread over two sessions

The Luxury Experience

Do you love luxury and everything it offers? Do designer brands excite you? Think Chanel, Dior, Armani, Versace.

YES! Then this experience is for you. I’ll take you on a transformational journey to ensure we’ve identified the best colours, cuts of clothing and style for you. It’s all about catering to your diverse lifestyle whether it’s boating on the weekend, wining and dining during the week and a series black tie functions in between or you simply want to step out in style every day, I’ll work with you to identify, create and enhance your signature style.

This really is the ultimate personal styling experience. It’ll save you valuable time, ensure you achieve the perfect fit with our bespoke tailoring service, provide made to measure clothing options and make dressing for every occasion an effortless experience for you.

Time investment: We will work around your schedule and individual needs

Corporate Styling Experience

Make a statement and stand out from the crowd with a fully personalised signature style to suit your career and lifestyle.

Wear the colours, clothes and accessories that enhance your natural assets and that are in keeping with your individual style. Let’s refresh your look by creating outfits from the items you already own and then shop for garments and accessories to ensure your wardrobe is truly versatile and stylish.

The perfect experience to look your best for corporate photos.

Time Investment: 4 hours

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