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With a second baby in tow and my maternity leave coming to an end, it was time to help me look beyond my ‘jeans and trainers uniform’, so I enlisted Ann’s help to do a wardrobe audit session. We removed the pieces that needed to go then created over a dozen ‘yummy mummy’ looks for the daycare run and weekends out of the keepers – and a couple of corporate looks as well to give me both confidence and importantly, speed, when getting dressed in the mornings. It’s fun to shop in your own closet and with Ann’s expert help, learn how to mix and match different pieces together to create winning combinations. It really is amazing how much you already have when you feel you have nothing to wear. I highly recommend this service for any busy mums who could do with a wardrobe revival as you may be transitioning back to work.

Jun 23, 2019
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